About Image Matters

Image Matters runs photography training workshops mostly in the Oxfordshire area covering a wide range of levels from basic camera skills up to advanced photographic techniques and editing software. Our workshops are informal and friendly and provide the ideal learning environment at a sensible price.

Our strength lies in being small enough to give each person attending, individual attention to ensure that they understand the topic being taught. When you attend one of our workshops, we will email you prior to the event to find out exactly what you want to learn and what problems you may have had when trying to learn a particular skill or concept in the past. We then make sure those subjects are covered on the day. Bring your camera, laptop or problem images or simply sit back and watch – it’s your day and we want you to enjoy it.

Help after the day

Every person who signs up to one of our workshops is given free email support to help with any technical difficulties they may have relating to the workshop topic attended so you’re never on your own after the day. We also provide one-to-one training starting at £200 for a full day at your own premises.


Feedback Suggestions and Updates

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