Professional image editing for £30?

Is is really possible? There are plenty of cheap and even free image editing applications available but they tend to be rather limited in what they can do. At the other extreme, there are applications such as Photoshop that can do almost anything but which cost more than many photographers are willing to pay. The ideal solution would be some software that costs only a few tens (rather than hundreds) of pounds that has all the muscle of Adobe’s Photoshop. Well now there is.

It’s called Affinity Photo and it’s been written from the ground up to work on Mac computers (sorry PCs will have to sit this one out – good though they are). At around £30 you’d be daft not to try Affinity Photo but all that photo punch takes some getting used to -especially if you’ve not used Photoshop before.

To help you, we’ve added a new workshop to our expanding range of topics that will gently introduce you to the powerful features of this exciting new editor. Check out the details on our workshops page and register your interest so we can let you know times and dates for this new workshop as soon as we finalise them.