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Dave Baxter

Dave Baxter

Dave Baxter is a freelance writer, photographer, designer and instructor. He has decades of photographic experience ranging from the days of the Kodak Brownie to advanced digital imaging.

Like many keen photographers, he gained his first image manipulation experiences in a home darkroom and when film slipped silently into decline, he embraced the digital photography revolution. Dave has a degree in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science which gives him an intuitive understanding of how the blend of  hardware and software in a modern camera works to make the final image. During his career as an engineer, he specialised in computer graphics as this blended his love of photography with the technical aspects of the craft. He has been using Photoshop for over twenty years and is an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom, having used the software regularly since it was launched.

His professional photographic experience includes running a portrait studio, wedding photography, producing high dynamic range architectural images for clients, panoramic photography, product shots and macro work. When not shooting in a professional capacity, he enjoys landscape photography most.

Dave has contributed over three dozen technical photography articles from beginner to advanced level for EOS magazine as their technical writer and was responsible for setting up a range of  workshops on camera craft, techniques and image editing at their offices. He now runs an extensive set of workshops for Image Matters and is busy writing his new book on product photography.