It’s our goal to provide photography workshops that are tailored to your needs so your feedback from the courses we run is very important as it enables us to continually improve.

Listed below are a selection of comments from previous customers, some of whom are becoming regulars!

Lightroom Workshops

“Just to say thank you for providing a wonderful photo-workshop on Adobe Lightroom. The course content was spot on. The time just flew by and it would have been great to have had another day to consolidate and learn more about the software and its potential.”

“I really enjoyed the Lightroom workshop and since Saturday have spent far too much time exploring it further.  The content of the day was just right and your style of delivery is perfect for me.I will certainly be booking on more courses in the New Year.”

Thoroughly enjoyed the day and in particular the way you didn’t skip over topics raised but gave a full explanation sometimes with examples. There is a lot in Lightroom and I would have liked to have touched on areas such as printing and even photo books. It was a full day and perhaps a review of what Lightroom has to offer may realise that two days (perhaps at reduced rate if you book both days) would more comprehensively cover all this software. All things considered a worthwhile enjoyable day.”

Understanding your Camera Workshop

“I really enjoyed yesterday’s course and will certainly be signing up for more. The workshop exceeded my expectations with the level of detail and clear explanations that were pitched just right for me. I was very impressed with the course and your teaching style – thanks for a very enjoyable day.”

“Thank you for a most informative day with you during the workshop. The course went beyond my expectations in as much as that as well as camera matters, you touched on associated subjects, ie Lightroom, Colour Checker passport and Monitor calibration. The level was neither basic or too technical as I could stop you and ask anything and take notes therefore none of the workshop content was beyond me. I already have recommended this workshop to friends and family.”

Mastering the Canon 7D Mark II

“Thank you for a great day yesterday. it was truly a valuable experience and very well worth the 2 1/2 hour journey!! I was amazed at the scope of the 7D mark II. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of things but will go through your helpful notes and reconstruct what you did. And of course think about how it all fits in with my way of doing things. I am sure I will be joining you for further courses in the future
Best wishes”

“Thank you for an excellent workshop. Although I was the only attendee not to have a mark II, I felt engaged and apart from not getting “hands on”, I gained a really useful insight into my next purchase. The “hand-out provided will be a useful reference to setting up my mark II when I get it (this is certain now!!). I congratulate you on your easy-going interactive style which managed all the interruptions and still completed the program for the day. Finally I thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to attending further workshops in the future.  I will look out for topics such as working in RAW and controlling flash from my 7D Mk II.

Macro Photography

“The course was organised very well, and I found out lots and lots of information that I really wanted and needed to know. Dave was both helpful and patient with me as I am a complete novice with digital EOS cameras – not even knowing how to switch it on (groan) and then not knowing how to take a picture that I could see on the back screen (double groan) – the lens cap was still on (red face).The instruction was helpful and Dave’s explanation of the benefits of a workshop – that you could talk to, and ask questions of, the speaker really brought home why this format was much better than a video on YouTube !”

Digital Photo Professional

“Can I thank you again for a most informative workshop on DPP. You added to my knowledge of how RAW works and it’s relationship to other formats – principally JPEG and TIFF – and how the editing software affects the files.  That then leads me to consider again the workflow so that I can best take advantage of the powers of DPP, Lightroom and Photoshop. You also talked in the margins about colour management.  I’ll certainly attend a workshop on the subject, if the date works.  I enjoyed the X -Rite challenge (not a great score – blame the screen calibration!). Thanks also for the tweaks to my Avignon picture. Thanks once again – I shall look again at some of your articles in the magazine and I hope to see you again soon.”