Colour Management

CMYKRGBOne of the most common gripes we hear from photographers regarding their prints is that the colours in the print don’t match what they see on their screen. Often they spend many frustrating hours and much ink and paper, trying to fix the problem by iterative tweaking.

If this is your experience, you’ll want to get a grip on your colours to understand what’s going wrong and how to fix it. This workshop explains the basics of colour from the illuminating source to the final print and how it’s defined and managed in the photographic workflow.

Course Outline

  • What is colour?
  • How do we perceive colour?
  • Fooling the eye
  • Colour spaces – what they are and how they compare
  • Defining absolute colours
  • Using colour checkers
  • Colour conversion in the workflow
  • Calibrating your camera
  • Profiling your monitor
  • Profiling a printer
  • Soft proofing and rendering intents
  • Converting and assigning colour spaces
  • Handling colour between applications